Seminars on Frontiers in Genomics

The Center for Genomic Sciences along with the Undergraduate Program in Genomic Sciences and the Mexican Society for Genomic Sciences invite the academic comunity to participate in a series of Seminars called "Frontiers in Genomics". These talks are held all Tuesdays at 5:00 PM, in which highly distinguished professors come from abroad to teach a seminar -- accessible nationwide via teleconference -- on different areas from the genomics, such as: bioinformatics; functional, evolutionary, human and bacterial genomics; computational and experimental analysis; comparative genomics; statistics and technology. These seminars allow the interested people to get into the frontiers of the research being done at world level in genomic sciences.

The seminars "Frontiers in Genomics" are presented in Cuernavaca, Mexico, at the Auditorium "Dr. Guillermo Soberón" from the Center for Genomic Sciences and at the Auditorium "Dr. Francisco Bolívar Zapata" of the Biotechnology Institute; and via videoconference at the Auditorium No. 2, Neurosciences Division, Institute of Cellular Physiology, and the "Aula 1", 2nd floor, from the Institute of Ecology in UNAM, Mexico, D.F.

These seminars have been supported jointly by the Center for Genomic Sciences, the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences (LCG), the Institute of Biotechnology and the General Direction for Affairs of Academic Staff at UNAM (DGAPA).

Complete information can be found at the Frontiers in Genomics web page,