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1 2017 Alatorre-Fernández, P., Mayoral-Terán, C., Velázquez-Acosta, C., Franco-Rodriguez, C., Flores-Moreno, K., Cevallos, M.A., López-Vidal, Y. and Volkow-Fernandez, P. (2017). "A Polyclonal Outbreak Of Bloodstream Infections by Enterococcus faecium in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies". American Journal of Infection Control. 45(3):260-266   PUBMED: #27852447
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3 2017 Beardmore, R.E., Peña-Miller, R., Gori, F. and Iredell, J. (2017). "Antibiotic Cycling and Antibiotic Mixing: Which One Best Mitigates Antibiotic Resistance?". Mol Biol Evol. 34(4):802-817   PUBMED: #28096304
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6 2017 Cruz-Córdova, A., Rodea, G.E., Porta, H., Navarro-Ocaña, A., Eslava-Campos, C., Cevallos, M.A. and Xicohtencatl-Cortes, J. (2017). "Genome Sequence Of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Strain FMU073332". Genome Announc. 5(8):e01600-16    
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8 2017 de Lajudie, P. and Martínez-Romero, E. (2017). "International Committee on Systematics of Prokaryotes Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Agrobacterium and Rhizobium Minutes of the Meeting". Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 67(2):516-520    
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13 2017 García-Gómez, E., Jaso-Vera, M.E., Juárez-Verdayes, M.A., Alcántar-Curiel, M.D., Betanzos-Cabrera, G., Peralta, H., Rodríguez-Martínez, S., Cancino-Díaz, M.E., Jan-Roblero, J. and Cancino-Díaz, J.C. (2017). "The 95 Delta G Mutation in the 5untranslated Region of the Nora Gene Increases Efflux Activity in Staphylococcus Epidermidis Isolates". Microbial Pathogenesis. 103:139-148   PUBMED: #28017900
14 2017 Gil Valdes, J., Ramírez-Torres, A. and Encarnación, S. (2017). "Lysine Acetylation and Cancer: a Proteomics Perspective". Journal of Proteomics. 150:297-309   PUBMED: #27746255
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18 2017 Montes-Grajales, D., Fennix-Agudelo, M. and Miranda-Castro, W. (2017). "Occurrence of Personal Care Products as Emerging Chemicals of Concern in Water Resources: a Review". Science of the Total Environment. 595:601-614    
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21 2017 Rinaldi, F., Lithgow, O., Gama-Castro, S., Solano-Lira, H., López-Fuentes, A., Muñíz-Rascado, L., Ishida-Gutiérrez, C., Méndez-Cruz, C.F. and Collado-Vides, J. (2017). "Strategies towards Digital And Semi-automated Curation In RegulonDB". Database-the Journal of Biological Databases and Curation.   PUBMED: #28365731
22 2017 Torres-Tejerizo, G., Wibberg, D., Winkler, A., Ormeño-Orrillo, E., Martínez-Romero, E., Niehaus, K., Puhler, A., Kalinowski, J., Lagares, A., Schlüter, A. and Pistorio, M. (2017). "Genome Sequence Of The Symbiotic Type Strain Rhizobium tibeticum CCBAU85039T". Genome Announc. 5(4):e01513-e01516   PUBMED: #28126941
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25 2016 Aanensen, D.M., Feil, E.J., Holden, M.T.G., Dordel, J., Yeats, C.A., Fedosejev, A., Goater, R., Castillo-Ramírez, S., Corander, J., Colijn, C., Chlebowicz, M.A., Schouls, L., Heck, M., Pluister, G., Ruimy, R., Kahlmeter, G., Aringhman, J., Matuschek, E., Friedrich, A.W., Parkhill, J., Bentley, S.D., Spratt, B.G. and Grundmann, H. (2016). "Whole-genome Sequencing For Routine Pathogen Surveillance in Public Health: a Population Snapshot of Invasive Staphylococcus Aureus in Europe". Mbio. 7(3)    
26 2016 Alfonso-Gordillo, G., Cristiani-Urbina, E., Flores-Ortiz, C.M., Peralta, H., Cancino-Díaz, J.C., Cruz-Maya, J.A. and Jan-Roblero, J. (2016). "Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia Isolated from Gasoline-contaminated Soil is Capable of Degrading Methyl Tert-butyl Ether". Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. 23(12):20    
27 2016 Alvarado-Delgado, A., OrtÍz, G.P., Tello-LÓpez, A.T., Encarnación, S., Conde, R., Martínez-Batallar, Á.G., Moran-Francia, K. and Lanz-Mendoza, H. (2016). "Infection With Plasmodium Berghei Ookinetes Alters Protein Expression In The Brain of Anopheles albimanus Mosquitoes". Parasites and Vectors. 9   PUBMED: #27724938
28 2016 Becker, N.S., Margos, G., Blum, H., Krebs, S., Graf, A., Lane, R.S., Castillo-Ramírez, S., Sing, A. and Fingerle, V. (2016). "Recurrent Evolution of Host And Vector Association In Bacteria of the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato Species Complex". BMC Genomics. 17   PUBMED: #27632983
29 2016 Bolaños, L.M., Rosenblueth, M., Castillo-Ramírez, S., Figuier-Huttin, G. and Martínez-Romero, E. (2016). "Species-Specific Diversity of Novel Bacterial Lineages and Differential Abundance of Predicted Pathways for Toxic Compound Degradation in Scorpion Gut Microbiota". Environ Microbiol. 18(5):1364-1378   PUBMED: #26058415
30 2016 Carrascal, O.M.P., Juárez, S., Polz, M.F., Vinuesa, P. and González, V. (2016). "Population Genomics of The Symbiotic Plasmids of Sympatric Nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium Species Associated with Phaseolus vulgaris". Environ Microbiol. 18(8):2660-2676    
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35 2016 Esposti, M.D. (2016). "Late Mitochondrial Acquisition, Really?". Genome Biol. Evol.. 8(6):2031-2035    
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37 2016 Garza-Ramos, U., Silva-Sánchez, J., Martínez-Romero, E., Tinoco, P., Pina-Gonzáles, M., Barrios, H., Martínez-Barnetche, J., Gómez-Barreto, R.E. and Tellez-Sosa, J. (2016). "Development of a Multiplex-PCR Probe System for the Proper Identification of Klebsiella Variicola". BMC Microbiol. 16   PUBMED: #26984789
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39 2016 Hernández-Rodríguez, L., Pérez-Castro, J.M., García-García, G., Ramos-González, PL, Zamora-Rodríguez, V., Ferriol-Marchena, X., Pena-Barzaga, I. and Batista-Le Riverend, L. (2016). "Citrus Leaf Blotch Virus in Cuba: First Report and Partial Molecular Characterization". Tropical Plant Pathology. 41(3):147-154    
40 2016 Hernández-Tamayo, R., Torres-Tejerizo, G., Brom, S. and Romero, D. (2016). "Site-Specific Bacterial Chromosome Engineering Mediated By Inta Integrase from Rhizobium etli". BMC Microbiol. 16   PUBMED: #27357704
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